How Can I Check If My Breitling Watch Is Real Or Fake?


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There are many ways to check if your Breitling watch is real or fake. You should presume that an online purchase, unless it was from an official vendor or reputable store, is fake. The Breitling fan site claims that 99 per cent of all Breitlings online are fakes. You are advised to check the model number against real model numbers and real model pictures to prove its authenticity.

There are other ways of picking between real and fake. Weight is one method. A genuine Breitling has a hefty feel to it and is considered heavier than other watches. The cheaper components in a fake make it lighter.

In general, a cheap feel may be present in fakes. The logo is a good place to look for a fault. On a genuine watch the logo is perfectly straight and embossed onto the face. A counterfeit, due to poor production technique, is more likely to simply be printed onto the face.

On all Breitling watches is a date window. On genuine models this is a magnifying section and enlarges the whole date and part of the second and minute hands. On copies the date window magnifying section is smaller, and the glass is weaker strength in its magnification.

Models also feature a chronograph. This is a sub-dial. This is generally the only sub-dial. Models do not feature the days of the week or months instead of this, rather in certain models they feature both, but generally just the chronograph.

Another check method is the movement of the second hand. Counterfeits use a quartz movement, giving the hand a tick wobble. The genuine product sweeps smoothly. This is not the case for 70s and early 80s Breitling models, which did switch to the quartz movement but then reverted.

Other subtleties include the anti-glare coating that models feature. If it doesn't give a bluish purple hue of a reflection then it's probably counterfeit. Spelling mistakes are another giveaway, and while they are harder to check in Swiss or French it really is worth the investigation.
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Look at the back

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