How Can I Check If My Omega Watch Is Real Or Fake?


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Hello, just check out the Serial number on the back of the watch and search the source out  by asking an official agent or Omega. High Quality Swiss Made watches are available on olfert&co Uhren - Certina, Hamilton, Citizen , too.
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There are no immediately obvious clues for these models, providing that if it's an automatic the second hand doesn't jump one second at a time, indicating a quartz movement. The easiest way is to visit an Omega dealer and compare the same model. You'd expect the real thing to have a better finish - but some of the fakes are pretty good these days!
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Hello there if you look on the back of the watch casing you will find there is a 3 digit number on each side if not your watch is fake
hope this helps
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AUTOMATIC and its back sign as CONSTELLATION can try.. Cya
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Omega watches are very beautiful and can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. But they are also very costly and many cannot afford to buy another if one turns out to be a fake. Hence it is very necessary to thoroughly check out a watch and ascertain whether it is a true and real omega or not and avoid getting saddled and fooled with a fake and duplicate replica of an omega watch. One thing to do before buying an Omega is checking out their official site because it can give you a good idea about the make and style of omega watches and help you in spotting a fake one.

Then thoroughly check the model of the watch that you intend to buy as well as the logos and serial number along with the materials used in the strap etc. All these things would give you an idea whether the watch is a real or fake because the fake ones would have very slight differences but would be discernible to you if you look very closely. Always check the serial number and avoid buying the watch if there is any problem with it. There are many other tips and you can find it out from

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