Boxers, Jockeys, Or Boxer Briefs, Which Do You Prefer?


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It depends on what you will be doing.  Girls seem to like a guy in boxers but my stuff flops around too much.  Boxer briefs solve that but too much fabric.  Jockey is never wrong and their nylon ones feel good as do Players. Briefs are best, especially if they are nylon or satin or microfiber in hot weather.  JG2 makes great guy briefs/panties.  Of course, girls panties are terrific for special occasions or every-day wear but only for the more bold and adventurous.
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Sheldon  Cooper
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There is a name for folks who wear girly panties
It's not sexy or adventures-
It's a tiny step down from
Super gay or ..
A tranny who's a man
But enjoys women's underoos
As kinky as I a am
I never wanted to wear a women's underwear-
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I really like boxer briefs on a guy they fit the best. Getting him some matching socks too. 
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Penny Kay
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Which brings us to the fact that women, buy the underwear in the family. I really expected maybe Michael Jordan, or someone male to chime in on this one.
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I get him the jockey type. They don't ride up, & keep everything where it's supposed to be.
If it were me n Jeff eh hem Gordon...shhh I say
boxer briefs for my son & au natural for my hubby [by his preference not mine]  lol  ‚ô•Nassy
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Boxers or boxer-briefs
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I think briefs look best on men. I hate the look of boxers on anyone. My husband prefers briefs too
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I alternate between briefs and hybrids(boxer-briefs) I wear hybrids on casual days.   But briefs give me more support than hybrids to though.
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