Is Brain Better Than Beauty?


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Because {brains,} they last longer and they can be developed by training.As such,they represent more of an achievement than beauty-which is ,of course,only skin deep.Brains enable you to improve many different things e.g. Point out that the word more is not necessary in this question. If you are a normal human being, the experiences you have, the books you read, the classes you take, etc., will continue throughout your life, and will only add to your "brain power."However, at the same time you are gaining knowledge, you are also aging, and as you age, your beauty tends to change. It is said that beauty is only skin deep, which implies that if things on the outside change, then there will be no more beauty.I believe it is much more important to develop your thinking skills than to put too much into making yourself more attractive. Yes, it is nice to be pretty of handsome, but the visual, external aspect of a person will only get them so far in life.It is true that one can be both pretty/handsome and use their brains for some greater purpose, so it is not a bad idea to try and do the best you can under all circumstances.So, to answer your question, yes, it is much better to be a person who develops his/her brain, than a person who only wants to develop his/her beauty!I Always Thoughts Brains Were Far Better Than Beauty. I Mean Beauty can't Get You An OP 1 Or A Career In Vetinary Science Can It. You Get Much Further In Life With Brains Rather Than Good Looks.
Pragati Jain frm calcutta
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Beauty will get you further in life then brains and also consider inner beauty. Inner beauty is what will get you friends and good family. Which would you rather- be a loner with a glitzy job or not have an amazing job but be surrounded by good friends and family? Think about it. Family every time
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Absolutely, brains are better than beauty. Looks only get one so far...your intelligence gets you much farther in life. Looks will diminish..your intelligence does not. ( Unless you get alzheimers, or dementia when you get older)
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Brain is the thing that describes the Beauty .. So do not judge any one by their beauty.
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Yes ,because if you have no brain wheres is your BEAUTY AND I BELIEVE ALSO THAT INTELLIGENCE IS MORE THAN BEAUTY...
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Flowers are beautiful but their beauty doest stop them from being picked, it encourages it . Humans are intelligent and we have overcome every species, concord every land and traveled into space.
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I would say brains and it seems to be the winner because a lot of people are turned of because of brains and the fact that you have common sense as well as book sense and the two go hand and hand please don't have one without the other,I feel beauty is from within as long as you are sanitary...and respectful to others and treat people as you wish to be treated, there is the beauty.....the best to you
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Nothing lasts forever. Not even forever is forever - it is just a word that will pass into nothing when or before the Universe ceases to be! Intelligence is more important than beauty, but enjoying all that we have whilst we have it is more useful than comparing imcomparable qualities.
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I had to write a paper for a school summer reading assignment. The book we used was "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield......Summer Reading Essay
In the book “Uglies” by Scott Westerfield, being ugly and different isn't something to be ashamed of. It's a way to be known and loved for the true beauty of one's self— their personality.
The pros of being ugly and different are many, like being able to see things you never knew existed. “The fire whats?' 'Helicopters. That's what you're sitting in.” Tally lives in the future and didn't know what a helicopter was. The “Rusties”, which would be us, were the ones who used them. “How do you know it's called a 'roller coaster,' anyway?” Roller coasters and trains were also out-dated. Everything we use these days is history for them. It was surprising for them the things we use to travel.
Being an ugly makes you realize you don't need an operation to be pretty, because you can find your inner beauty. “Yes. What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” That's what the world should be like, to look at the inner beauty of everyone, not to discriminate on flaws, where you're from, or the way you look. “You're different from the rest of them. That's why you're beautiful, Tally.” After finding out about what the operation does to you, David told Tally that she doesn't need the operation to be pretty, because he doesn't want her to change and he sees beauty in her the way she is— an ugly. What's the point in turning pretty when you can't be yourself?
Life in the ugly world is full of adventure. “It was a sign that you'd been in an adventure, Tally, that you'd bashed your way across the wild to get here.” Uglies enjoy cool tricks and being risky to have fun. The other uglies look up to you and want to learn your tricks. “I just want to show you something that's my idea of fun, Tally.” Going to Rusty Ruins is an adventure that leads to an even greater adventure. Riding a roller coaster on a hoverboard was a new adventure for Tally. The biggest adventure was the journey to the Smoke.
Being an ugly means you can be who you are forever. “Not just your face was changed by the knife. Your personality— the real you inside— was the price of beauty.” The true beauty of people is what's inside of them, their personality. Once you turn pretty, you're not “you” anymore. “Being pretty doesn't just change the way you look. It changes the way you think.” Tally risked her life to find her friend so they could become pretty, until she realized what the operation did to you. After seeing the way Shay had changed with the operation, she wanted to help find a cure. She wanted to help everyone to be normal again.
There really isn't any cons to being an ugly besides that you are made fun of by the pretties. “They were following her now, a group of them laughing and stumbling over one another up the stairs.” Crashing a pretty party while wearing a pig mask is not as bad as crashing a party without a mask on. If they had seen that there was an ugly at a pretty party, who knows what they would be saying about her. “They pointed at her, and Tally heard the word 'ugly' on their lips.” There's nothing to be ashamed of if you're an ugly. You just need confidence and to realize uglies are better than pretties. All they do is make fun of what they used to be.
One thing that is both a pro and con is friendship. “The scar that they had made together was gone.” The scar her and Peris had made was a promise to each other, but now it was gone. Sometimes you lose friends because of the operation. “This is going to be the best! I can't wait for you to meet my new friends. And you can finally introduce me to Peris.” There's also an opportunity to meet new friends. Friends that you would do anything for. Even if it means turning pretty.
It's better off being ugly and different. That way you can be loved for who you are, not loved for being just like everyone else.
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Brain is better than beauty because with brain we do every work of world  but with beauty we can not do

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Beauty not only doesn't last but it is also subjective.  Intelligence on the other hand can fade if you let it too.  I like a balance of both.  :)
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If this question is regarding a partner, then a  balance would be perfect. But if a decision has to be made, I must sway towards the Beauty.
As a self trait, I would like to try beauty, just to see what it would have been like.
As for friends, I do not mind which. Amore001 and Tamerind obviously got the brains, where Nascarnut has that shining personality and killer good looks. Lol

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I have to admit in my shallow world it is beauty. But some people shine with their soul and mind so much that they are beautiful no matter how physically unattractive they are
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In the shallow life I lead it has always been beauty. But in certain individuals, their minds are so fantastic and their souls also,  that they are even more beautiful than someone who is merely physically attractive.
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Brains.  Beauty is a bonus (and as a guest so aptly puts it, hard to take care of if brains aren't present) xo Guest, for the first time in my life.  :)
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Beauty has more benefits than brains when was the last Time you ever said yes to a smart un attractive person at the time that a hot beautiful person?? The answer proven by scientists is never who would you rather be with Miranda Kerr or Paris Hilton or Bill Gates or Kevin RUDD??
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BEAUTY!!!! A girl who is very beautiful can marry a prince or a king,she may also didn't went to school or studied in her whole LIFE. So,I suggest Beauty is more better than brain
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No beauty is better than brain because brain is beautier than
beauty and beauty is because of brain
therefore I conclude that
"beauty is better than brain"

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