Is It Beautiful To Be Important Or Important To Be Beautiful?


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Beauty and importance both matter along with one another but nobody can avoid their value individually. Beauty is what one can see from eyes and what we call somebody's outlook and skin charm. On the other hand, importance is the value or significance given to a person/thing. Beauty can be seen but importance needs to be shown. Beauty is all about taking somebody's breath away which importance is to give somebody a potent value which is given to a specific sort of people/things.

In my opinion, beauty is not that important as compared to importance of something/ person. A thing of beauty can be joy for ever while an importance to a person can also be an honour to him. Beauty diminishes with the passage of time while importance is the dignity for a person so it can sustain over a period of time. Importance also varies from situation to situation and at times, a thing/person loses its/her/his value with the passage of time. But still beauty is unable to compete the importance. Beauty can be denied but importance can't be. Every person may have his/her own opinion but importance can''t be avoided.
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Whether it is beautiful to be important or important to be beautiful is subject to individual perspective and priority. The question itself is beautiful and insists on self analysis. You could split up both the distinct parts of the statement for individual analysis and justify both!

It is beautiful to be important. This case holds true in the case of people who are ambitious and self-motivated, within a sphere of business. If you are driven by the urge to be recognized and listed among the crème de la crème of society, then it definitely is beautiful to be important. This is also the case if you are on a spree to prove yourself to someone. Your accomplishment will then be sufficient to earn you and your skill the desired reactions and motivation.

It is so important to be beautiful. This part of the statement again needs to be split further. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and can be physical and spiritual. Physically, it is important to be beautiful, if you are part of a profession that demands a well-groomed turn-out. This is also true, if you belong to a society that demands it of you or you pursue physical beauty as a personal preference. Mentally and spiritually, it is important to be beautiful. Inner beauty always makes you radiant, externally, and it also enhances your relationships and interactions.
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It doesnt matter!!!!!!
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Important to be beautiful

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