Would you rather beauty or brains?


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Brains definitely. Brains could get you a brilliant job. And with a brilliant job comes great money. And if you desire beauty aswell, you can afford surgery, lol.
So you could start off with brains, and gain beauty, but if you start off with beauty, you can't really buy brains.
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This is just my opinion, but I think surgery makes people look worse than they started. Michael Jackson should never have listened to his fathers prejudice comments.
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Scratch that, not prejudice, condemning.
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Brains because with brains you can figure that beauty is really nothing.
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Obviously brain.bcoz beauty  only attracts,but brain helps you forever....
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Brains..you can always reflect your smartness in your attitude. Beauty? Who cares?
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Brains as then the person can even figure out how to look good when applicable but in the dark, weare all the same and not of that matters
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Both,ha! I would go with brains(wiser/smarter than any man on earth that ever lived) then I could figure out how to fix my looks later if needed.
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Intelligence. If your smart you can develop new types of cosmetic surgery and make your self good looking.
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Brains of course! Beauty is very ephemerous so, stay in school get an education and cultivate your knowledge because it's were the power resides. Oh! By the way, youth will be gone in a blink of an eye even, if you don't believe that right now. Good luck!
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I think that it is better to have brains then beauty because if you have brains then not so many people will be able to boss you around you could also get a greater and easier education if you got the brains. It never hurts to also have to beauty though. Its like killing two birds with one stone!
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Personally, I would like both. But if I had to choose, it would have to be brains. Looks fade with age. A person's personality is what makes that person truly attractive to you. If they are like an empty shell with a nice body and nice features, there's no interests and nothing to talk about, and eventually you will loose attractiveness to the physical aspect of that person. So what are you left with? Nothing, and it won't last. Smartness is the attraction, looks is a bonus.
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I would rather have both, but if I have to choose then I prefer Brain, as without it I can't live. iIt's important to me.

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Brains because it gives you more career options , so if you start with brains you can gain beauty, but if you start off with beauty you can't really buy brains. Knowledge is power.

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Brains should be much more important to people than beauty's sure, beauty is important, and if you're beautiful, then congratulations.

However, brains are more useful and...better. Brains, all the way.

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I hope you are pretty, because your question is missing an important word, which makes you appear to not have a lot of brains. I would like to HAVE both if that's what you mean by, would I rather beauty or brains.
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Mercedes Santiago
Oh duuuhhh stupid me!!!! I haven't a clue what im talking about thanks for helping me understand MY question smart ass :)
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@Natalie wow judgmental much? It's just a question.

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