Is hair paste the best way of shaping my hair?


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Bella Chow answered

Actually, hair paste is the most effective tool for shaping hair. Usually, it is water-based, and the hair paste is quite light and does not increase the weight of the hair. To create a variety of lightweight, stable hairstyles, hair paste is your best choice and you need to choose the right hair treatment factory. At the same time, hair paste can also increase the smoothness and sparkle of the hair. If your hair is thick and heavy, it is best to use hair styling gel to shape it and blow it dry with hot air. Because of the weak shape of the styling enamel and foam enamel, it may not be able to produce a lasting and stable effect on your hair.

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Willie B. good answered

Nope, hair paste is absolutely the worst thing you can put on your hair, best thing you can do is slather your hair up with Spam juice.

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