What are some good disposable razors? my mom is always buying cheap junk that's rough on my face and I want that to change.


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Disposables are cheap.  Spend the money on a Gillette or Schick.

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I joined Harry's Razor about a year ago and I've never had a better shave. They send you a free ceramic handle and you order blades by how much you shave. About $2.00 a blade and they last long and really shave well.

Harry's - Quality Men's Shaving Products. Fair Prices. Simple.

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DJ, just a hint when you suggest these other products to your mom. Be nice. I was buying razors and gel for my son when he was old enough to shave. I'm a girl - I buy stuff that works for me. My son's skin is different than mine, so what worked for me, absolutely didn't work for my son.

He went to other men at his work and asked about the products that they used. He then came back to me and said, "Mom, thank you for buying these things for me, however, they are making my skin worse when I use them. Can we try these instead?"

That's a much different conversation than, "Mom, these suck! Can't you buy something that is NOT from the dollar store?"

If she's buying these for you, then be appreciative of that and then ASK her if she would let you try these other products that would be better on your skin.

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Hello everyone. I really like the Dollar Shave Club, which delivers razors and other personal hyena products to customers through the mail. Once you subscribe to the Dollar Shave Club, you'll have all of your chosen personal care products delivered straight to your home every month. If you need to increase the quantity or add other items of personal care products, then call the dollar shave club phone number and the manager will make additions to your next order.

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