I Want To Buy Some Cheap Clothes, Who Knows Any Good Site?


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I buy most of my clothes at the Goodwill, Salvation Army. Or any of a number of thrift and consignment shops. It takes time, and it helps to learn when the sales are going. You can buy gently worn, designer clothes and expensive labels, with $2.99 on them. People think I spend a fortune on clothes, but I shop carefully at the discount, thrift, and consignment stores. I buy hats, usually at discount outlets, Clothes, I will go to thrift and Consignment shops. You need patience and not a whole lot of money. You have to look over things really well. Make sure zippers work, all button are present, there are no stains or rips, but billions of items sitting in thrift stores right now, fit that description. From Suits, to Coats to work clothes. I found a Dior linen nightgown, and another designer name on a coatdress, very chic. You might give it a try.
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Well depends if you want new clothing or used clothing you can get used clothing at consignment stores, good will, and Plato's closet, if you want new clothes thens ome cheap places are Big Lots, The Dollar General, Family Dollar and Wal-mart also check out ebay you can find good deals on there to. Hope this helps
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Go to freecycle.com --Click on the city closest to you. People give stuff away for free
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Here are some sites for your reference:

1. Boohoo, a UK-based store that adds up to 100 new items every day.

2. Nordstrom Rack, the perfect compromise for anyone who loves Nordstrom, but isn't exactly made of money.

3. Yes Style, a Hong Kong retailer that carries everything you didn't know you needed.

4. Funny socks, a funny socks designer and retailer.Here are a large selection of fun socks for men and women.

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