Where are cheap stores to buy clothes in the USA? I want to buy my clothes at a store that is cheap, with good quality and to be fashionable to wear!


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Depending on where you live, there's Walmart, Target, JC Penney's, Kohl's, and many other local stores. Walmart's clothes are cheap and you'll know it. Target is a much better store with a little more quality.

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Well for teens I would recommend Forever 21

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If you're looking for reasonably priced clothing you could try one of the larger department stores like Target or Walmart. These stores are great for basics- T-Shirts, jerseys, gym gear- you name it. And you can find them all over the US, so chances are there's one near you.

If you're looking for something a bit more unique, then I would highly recommend having a look in your local thrift store.

Thrift store shopping requires a different approach to regular shopping. You need to be committed and patient! Generally you will have to sift through fifty sweaters you wouldn't be seen dead in to find one you love, but it's completely worth it.

Thrift stores are also great for accessories. If you're lucky, you can find designer purses and shoes for a few dollars.

Another option is eBay. There is more choice on eBay than you'd find in a thousand stores, and it's great that you can have the option of buying 'new' or 'secondhand'.  Again it's a bit more time consuming, but it's rare that you won't find something you like, and it's always cheaper than in a store.

Want some eBay shopping tips? Check out this video:

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Cheap = good will

Teams cheap= Plato's closet (love this store)

Also Old Navy is not too bad,  neither is Target and Kohls also Discovers has good sales usually

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Multi-brand retail stores offers great deals for cheap clothes as they have a large pile of stock. Local thrift shops are the second preferred because you'll have to bargain hard there.

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You can search for related information from the internet.

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You can buy online, It's cheaper. Here are some sites for your reference:

1. Boohoo, a UK-based store that adds up to 100 new items every day.

2. Nordstrom Rack, the perfect compromise for anyone who loves Nordstrom, but isn't exactly made of money.

3. Yes Style, a Hong Kong retailer that carries everything you didn't know you needed.

4. Funny socks, a funny socks designer and retailer.Here are a large selection of fun socks for men and women.

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