Is it ok to wear black color outfits for a wedding?


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As far as I know it's perfectly fine, nobody actually wrote a role that black is for funeral & white is for wedding, it's something we "humans" made it ourselves, after while, it turned out usual but we can do otherwise without any problem. Almost all of the man's suits on the wedding is black as a formal suit even the groom!  Now when we want to wear up our bride with black dress it wants to be a problem? Of course not! Even for the guests, if you wanna wear a black dress for a wedding that's so fine. At least that's how I think.

If there's was a problem with black dress for guests or bride, there wouldn't be any case of creating & designing those dresses. Specially design of wedding dress in black special for the bride.

- Do what makes you happy.

- If you're the bride, it's your wedding, do what you want, if you're a guest, make sure if there would be appropriate for their event, & if they don't have much particular beliefs so you don't become pointed by fingers.

Some examples!

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The only way I'd wear black would be to an evening, semi-formal wedding. Wearing a black dress or a black suit during the day in my opinion would be inappropriate unless I was a teenager, then any color would be okay. Being young affords you more tolerance in color choices.

As far as Black as a color for a wedding color, sure. Again only for an evening wedding that is semi-formal or formal. I had a Black and White, Black Tie affair for my wedding. We held it in the evening at 7pm.

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You mean as a guest?  Black and white are colors traditionally avoided by wedding guests.  Things are much more informal now.  Some couples have Goth weddings and I suppose black is fine for guests there.  I wouldn't wear black at a wedding.

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Yeah! I love the color black!!!!!

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Contrary to what others here claim ... Black is NOT a "funeral color". 

Black suits are meant to show somber formality - and are thus perfectly acceptable for a wedding.  This is evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of grooms and groomsmen wear black suits.

So if a guest wishes to wear black ... Unless the couple has dictated otherwise ... It is perfectly acceptable.

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