How do I put on light unnoticeable makeup for school if I have a dark African complexion?


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You should be able to find some darker foundations out there. If you're going for a 'barely there' look, try a powder foundation. A lot of bronzers are quite dark, too, just make sure you don't get anything too pinky - try to get one with more of a gold or bronze hue.  Make sure it isn't too glittery if you don't want it to be too obvious. If you want some eye-shadow, I personally think that gold and copper/bronze colours (earth tones, basically, but not anything too pink) work really well with dark skin tones. If you want to wear any sort of lipstick or lip gloss, try and get something that is similar to your natural lip colour. You could probably get away with something that's a couple of shades darker, if you want. To finish, just add some black mascara. Good luck and have fun :)

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You could just wear some mascara and blusher or you could find some darker foundation. I think you can search n.o 7 they have all shades. Go online to the website.

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