How can I be fair in 2 days, and how can I prevent pimples?


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Cleanse your skin with facial wash or facial soap and avoid harsh chemicals as it dries up your face and causes an imbalance and causes more spots.  Steam your face and then use a facial scub; Mud mask; rinse and cleanse of with a small baby sponge to reduce the amount of rubbing.  Pat dry with a facial cloth and add a spot fight gel on them or add a Witch Hazel gel and a few drops of Tee Tree and dot them on the spots or crushed aspirin tablets made into a paste.  

Apply spot fighting gel directly on the spots until they disappear; avoid diary products; cleanse your face using an organic facial cleanser or wash and use a soft hygenic baby sponge and twice a week a exfoliating cleansing sponge.  Use  a moisturiser for spot prone skin or try a few drops of Jojoba oil and smooth it on the face - its natural, easily absorbed and can balance out the skins sebum.  Eat a good diet too. 

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sriparna haldar answered

Turmeric and red pulse paste also helps in cleansing your face, and for the pimple problem take ayurvedic products and use lactocalamine lotion daily. Believe me it surely does work, I'm saying it from my own experience.

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