How to become fair in 2 days?


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Getting "fair" in two days is practically impossible unless you use face-paint or something.

Even Michael Jackson had surgery and cosmetic treatments over several years to become fairer skinned.

But my question is why would you want to dude? Be proud of your skin! Don't try to change the way God created you. No good can come of that!!

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Want to get fair in two days time?

Any product that tells you it can lighten your skin naturally in only 2 days is lying to you.

The only thing that could have such a rapid affect on your pigmentation is the kind of chemical that would do serious and possibly irreparable damage to your skin.

I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but trust me, sticking with natural products really is best.

If you must go for a chemical lightener, then at least use one that has been tried, verified and tested by others.

I can 100% guarantee that no-one you know has become lighter in just 2 days, and that's because those kind of products that boast this claim are scams, and people who promote them are scammers.

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