What Did Women Wear In The 80's?


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Bright colors (neon was big) and stretchy material such as spandex. Jean jackets and high pants. The small cut shirts that are kind of big on them. I don't know but they wore a lot of stuff that are coming back to today's fashion trends.
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I wore straight leg jeans with blouses that were like a shirt waist tunic. I wore the blouse with a serpentine belt (in gold) with a fish net scarf tied at the ends around my neck. Lots of colored plastic bracelets and large earrings to match. My hair was in a curly perm, down past my ears and pulled back on one side with a barrette that matched the jewelry. Everything was matchymatch. UGH! And clogs or what we called "Barbie shoes" the kind with a wooden heel that clicked when you walked- the brand of clothes would be CANDIES, shoes too. And Bobbie Brooks. WOW GLAD THAT'S OVER!
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Oh Heavens - I am blushing that I even know this but lived through it.

If you know who Cyndi Lauper and Modana are - you can figure it out. It was TERRIBLE! LOL dresses and leg warmers, glitzy belts, hair scarves and lots of jewelry/beads. TALL HAIR, Up-turned collars (for both MEN AND WOMEN! YIKES!) Anything flashy and sparkly.

The one nice thing about the 80's is the cut of the jeans was ABOVE the belly button and on the backside too!

I hope this helps!

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Ah Jeepers! I remember the scarfs with the knots tied at each end and then slung around the back of our necks to just hang in the front. I also remember the leg warmers and jeans that were tight all the way to the ankles. Of course, we can't forget the puffed hair like Farrah's with all the hairspray that was worn by both the guys and the gals!
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Hi! Well, let's see...corduroy pants were very popular and sweater vests with oxford shirts. Young women really went for the bra-less tee-shirts. They are called wife beaters now! We were referred to as the " eighties ladies!"  Hi-top Reaboks were really cool with jeans and Bruce Springstein really rocked then! Also, White Snake , The Eagles and Journey!  I was single and in my 30's. " O, to have some of those days back!! "

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