What Did People Wear In The 90's?


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Grunge rock era, with the rock music :)
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One of the biggest clothing fads of the 1990s, for women, was the "grunge" look. This meant big, loose, baggy garments, typically in fairly drab colours; an outsize sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, worn with fairly large trousers or a longish (not usually full-length) skirt. It was quite often worn with sturdy shoes or short boots, and hair was typically short and straight. Some actresses like Julia Roberts helped make the grunge look fashionable.

This gradually slimmed down to a more fitted look, with flowing skirts and dresses becoming more popular. In 1994 the Wonderbra (slogan: "The One and Only Wonderbra" was introduced in New York to massive publicity. It heralded a complete change in style, with women now anxious to show off their figures with this "natural-looking" push-up plunge bra.
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Fashion in the 1990's and 2000s was characterized by minimalist styles, some of
which were dubbed "anti-fashion", a backlash against the
"excessive" fashion of the 1980s.
Subcultures such as Grunge, Goth, Emo, Scene,
Urban and Preppie defined and influenced
the fashion of the era.
Hairstyles of the millennial era were straight[citation needed], and
the length varied from buzz cut on men and pixie on women to long on
both sexes. The Rachel haircut was common during the mid
1990s to the mid 2000s. Most of the fashion trends of this decade are
based around blue jeans and the T-shirt.
Tattoos and body piercings also became
increasingly popular over the period from 1990 to 2009

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