What Should A Women Over Fifty Wear To An After Five Gala?


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I believe an over fifty woman can look extremely beautiful. I believe you should wear something you feel comfortable in and something you and wear for a period of time, and are able to sit down with comfort.

I think a dress would go very nice for this "After Five Gala." it really depends on your shape and whether you are happy wearing a dress. Try a black/dark purple/burgundy coloured dress, and try a pattern if you feel comfortable.

Go for a neck line which suits you whether its a V-neck (not too low though :D), round neck, square neck etc. A dress with wide straps always complements a person's figure. Have a band wrapping around under the bust and let the dress flow down below your knees. Older women shouldn't be wearing EXTREMELY short dress and the length of a dress or skirt should get longer with your age. Wear some stockings that match the dress colour and if you wear skin colour stockings, make sure they match your natural colour, or close to it.

I hope the above helps you and make sure whatever you wear, that you are comfortable in it; whether its a dress, skirts or pants. Make sure you pick something that matches the chemistry of the evening!

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