What is the best skin care product, for sensitive oily skin?


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Jenny Williams answered
If you have sensitive skin, prefer not going for any cosmetic product  as it may cause rashes or any reaction to your skin. Moreover, for your oily skin you need to cleanse and ex-foliate your skin after 3-4 days. It will increase your skin  beauty and will make your skin glow.
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aaron smith , take care of your skin, answered

please watch it and get ideas of skin care https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crIog2W6GBY

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Nealious James answered
Hi Maritza! I have the same skin condition and following the latest visit to my dermatologist, I was prescribed a face wash and a cream for daily use. They are both of the Quinoderm 5 brand and I can confirm that these products are totally effective. Do try them out! 

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