What is the best skin care routine for dry skin?


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Do not use a harsh skin cleanser on your face and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Just make sure the moisturizer is the right one for your skin type... (:

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For a dry skin, I will advice you to wash your face early in morning with lukewarm water & afterwards once the face is wet apply cleanser &  do massage for a minute. Wash your face with warm water. Secondly, drink loads of water from time to time as it keeps our skin hydrated. Eat a healthy lunch such as vegetables soups, fruits, & yogurt. 

After lunch, using a wet tissue remove all sweat & dirt in your face & apply thin layer of moisturizer or sunscreen. Lastly, while going for sleep, apply a thick creamy moisturizer or good cream on face.This will nourish the skin & makes skin smooth & supple.

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Try hydrating yourself with water and eating things with vitamins A , E or C stuff like nuts, fish, avocados and oranges though there are many others. Futhermore if you occasionally shower cocunut oil is very helpful for skin try to apply before a shower and then after a couple of minutes wash it off. Coconut oil has been notable in helping in removing various skin ailments such as dry skin and kerotsis Polaris

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Simply developing a quick skin care routine, to help dry skin from the inside and out, your skin will feel great and be moisturized but not oily in no time.

1. Give your face a quick splash with warm water, just to freshen up and open your sleepy eyes.
2.Now, use a gentle moisturising cleanser, specialized for dry and sensitive skin types.
3.Then you can use a toner, as they are said to help moisturiser soak in, but some can be harsh and dry out the skin
4.Next, it's time for moisturiser.
5.use a day cream or sun cream
6.If you like to wear foundation, opt for a tinted moisturiser instead, or a mineral foundation for dry skin.
7.Drinking water re-hydrates the skin from the inside, and even if you all ready have a drink with you, some extra liquid won't do any harm. A large drink will last you throughout the day.
8.During the rest of the day, eat healthily, drink loads, and keep on top of your dry skin by moisturising all the time.

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The best solution you can try for dry skin is apply aloe vera gel to your face, and use such products which have water base so that they  will hydrate your skin without making it to oily,such as 

VITAL C hydrating repair crème it keeps my skin hydrated without making it to oily,give it a try I am sure it will be helpful.

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