Does Any Manufacturer Do A Sports Bra Over A 34J?


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If you're really stuck for support you might want to consider going up a size on the circumference,; instead of 34k try 36j, which is the next closest fit and might give you adequate support.

You might have to resort to some of the maternity bras that come in a sports bra style.  See the listings on  Birth and , Figuring out sizing is a bit tricky (I would phone the vendor up, myself to be sure about sizing: +1 - (888) 398-7987.

Article and discussion about life for the over-endowed.

Must confess I'd be saving and scrimping pennies to pay for a breast reduction, if I were anything bigger than 34DD; don't you get terrible backaches?
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Yes I get awful backache but my doctor and 3 others that i have seen don't see a problem and just keep saying lose more weight even though I lost over 4 stone. I am saving up for the £5000 op but it will take a long while on my salary.

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