How Is A Bra Size Calculated?


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There is an automatic calculator on this site.  Then if you keep scrolling down, you will find the chart to compute it manually:

Subtract your band measurement (step 1) from your cup measurement (step 2). Generally, for each inch in difference, the cup goes up by one size. See the cup size conversion chart below.,901,30.html

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It is simple. First, you calculate your cup size then subtract it with the band size to get the final result. If there's a differential of 3, it becomes in the range of the C cups.

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The first number in a bra size indicates the measurement around your chest just under your bust. So size 32C means that the bra is 32 inches around the chest. The letter after the number is the cup size. The cup size is the distance around the fullest point of your bust. To measure this yourself you can wear an unpadded bra, make sure you keep the measure straight and not too taught. A is the smallest cup size and it can go all the way up to H and more.

At some high street fashion stores you can get your bra size measured for free.

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