An Example Of A Nonprogrammed Decision For A Clothing Manufacturer Is?


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Acquiring a new supplier for cloth is an example of non programmed decision because in such a decision you neither know the appropriate solution nor potential outcome of the decision.
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Non-programmed decisions are those which are made in response to the unusual opportunities. In the case of cloth manager, on the basis of the characteristics of non-programmed decisions I suggest the following answers of your all options.
Allocating bonuses to employees: It is not a non-programmed decision because you can get the idea to give the bonus on the basis of your sales and margin.
Acquiring a new supplier for cloth: It can be a non-programmed decision, in the case if the cloth manager gets the new opportunity to get cloth from the best supplier in the market and he wants to go for this option.
Deciding to market products using the Internet: It is also not a non-programmed decision because the plan to market your products over internet cannot be sudden and it needs proper planning.
Selecting which customers to offer discounts to: It is also mot a non-programmed decision because it does not have a long impact on cloth manager's company.

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