Would You Rather Have Horns or Fangs?


16 Answers

Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

FANGS !! Ah- hum fangs :) all the better to bite you with my dear , MUHAHAHAHA

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Fangs are just more practical. Horns make hiking somewhat difficult when they get stuck in trees.lol

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile

I will take fangs. The smaller fangs so that I may hide them from my victim until the very last minute. Then, it will be to late for the sucker, mwahaha. I know, it's alittle crazy, but I haven't had my Mountain Dew yet today and it's already 10PM.

Betty Boo Profile
Betty Boo answered

I believe I will have fangs please.

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