Why Is Personal Hygiene Important In Beauty Salon?


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  • Why do you need good personal hygiene working in salons?
Personal hygiene is very important anywhere but especially in a beauty salon. Beauty salons are known to be clean, relaxing places so one of the most obvious reasons why personal hygiene is important in  a beauty salon is that the clients won't come back if they have put up with your body odor all the time.

  • Viruses and infection
But other than that there are more important reasons why personal hygiene is important in a beauty salon. One of the most important reasons is to stop any germs or bacteria from spreading. If you don't constantly make sure you are clean then it is easy to pick up an infection or bacteria and spread it to the clients. This would not only make yourself and your clients ill but also but the salon at risk of being shut down for breaching health and safety.

  • Salon Hygiene
Keeping yourself well groomed and clean whilst working in a salon will be beneficial to the other staff, yourself and the clients as you will be keeping everything clean and free of germs or bacteria. This is especially important because beauty salons are accessible to everyone which means you may have elderly clients or simply clients who have less of an immune system or are more vulnerable to catching illness or infections. You may not be aware of these types of people as they may just come in for a manicure and will most likely not discuss their health with you so you need to be aware of yourself and your cleanliness at all times to minimize the risk of any infections or viruses.
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Personal hygiene is important every where because germs and diseases spread from person to person and in the salon there is close contact with people, when shampooing the persons head, face are very near your vaginal area and any odor or scent can be picked up or inhaled by the person getting a shampoo......the best to you
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Your breath needs to be fresh at all times you are talking to and smiling at your customers....
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It is very important that hygiene is used everywhere, not just salons, as germs could spread easily.

As they say... "catch it, bin it, kill it!"

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Because the stylist/operator, is very close bodily wise to the client, so as the stylist you have to be very clean and not give off any unpleasant odours .

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