How can i naturally make my hair thicker?


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There is a B vitamin called biotin that is well known for thickening hair and nails. You can find it in most drug stores where vitamins are sold and it costs about ten bucks. Here's more about biotin so you can read the facts for yourself.
This was discovered in 1916 BTW.
BEN GREGO answered
No such thing!!!!  At least not by any so-called 'natural' can use shampoos and conditioners that thicken the hair, but they may make your hair a little dry.....

Go to a good hair salon and explain what you are looking for with the thickness; hair cuts today are designed to work with the texture you have, and many good stylists can cut your hair to make it appear a little the old saying goes, 'it's all in the cut!"....
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Tip1: Apply a thickening product

Some thickening product, such as thickening
shampoos, conditioners and sprays all contain special polymers, which can make
your virgin remy human hair look fuller. Your just need to use them regularly and then they can increase
hair thickness by up to 20%.

Tip2: Wash your hair regularly

Washing hair actually can thickens hair
because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy'. Therefore, in order to
get the best effect, you can use shampoo to wash hair regularly and wash with
warm water.

Note: Avoid using hot water, because hot
water will easily dry out the hair.

Tip3: Styling hair with fingers

As we all know, constant combing and brushing
can make hair look limp and flat, so that you can try to style your hair with
fingers to thicken your hair, while adding volume and texture at the same time.

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