I've just bought a North Face all weather jacket. I keep coming across new pockets, new elasticated "things", plastic things and odd bits of electronics. I have no idea what half of this stuff does. Should jackets come with a user manual?


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Best you can get popular with shoplifters I hear or may be just a rumour,throw me a shovel:>{
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Electronics? Anything like a gps? Are you "tagged"? Maybe it's a new catch and release program ro keep you as a customer. If you move, they can find you so you won't miss out on any sales specials. Better check all them pockets for hidden microphones. Could be some covert government operation under the guise of personal warmth. Still feeling all cozy and warm in that new jacket?
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Ray Dart
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I think the electronics work a bit like an RFID to make it easier to find me in an avalanche. (But I really don't know).
Lynne Dwyer
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So.....you can be found! That's a little scary.
Lynne Dwyer
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I see most all the comments are gone. That's weird. What was said wrong?
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My Emmegi ski jacket has enough belts, buckles and studs on it to open my own S&M shop lol.
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I guess in our case since us elders are out of date with all this new contraptions, I would definitely say YES

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