What's the name of the men's clothing brand that has a rabbit as it's logo. I saw a quilted jacket similar to a barbour with a rabbit logo on the bottom left of the jacket and can't remember the name?


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Obviously Playboy have a rabbit logo.. But I'm guessing you don't mean that right?

I looked up 'outdoor and country' clothing brands because of the Barbour connection.. But all I could find was logos with foxes. Horses, pheasants even.... But no bunnies or rabbits!

One thing it might be is that some organizations use a rabbit logo to show that a product is ethically made and that no animals were harmed in making it.

Sometimes these logos appear as labels on clothing too:

Otherwise, maybe try and find a picture of a similar outfit and upload it on here and I will do my best to try and work out where it originally comes from as I would really like to solve this mystery.

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