Week 3 since my piercing: I have green gooey stuff coming out of my belly piercing. I clean it twice a day with warm sea salt water, and follow all directions. It isn't painful or hot, it just itches sometimes, should I be worried?


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As long as redness does not occur, it sounds as though it is just a surface infection. If it starts getting red (ESPECIALLY with red streaks) you need to seek attention as that means your blood could be infected.

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Hi Anon,

I had terrible trouble with my belly button piercing healing so I feel your pain!

If it's not too painful, it doesn't sound like a serious infection and you should be able to heal it yourself. Firstly, I'd make sure that your body jewellery isn't too tight and that there's plenty of room for the piercing to 'breathe'. Ensure you have no clothing irritating it and only handle it with clean hands. Secondly, make sure the bar's not made out of a material you're allergic too, for example, silver. If you are, there's no worry as there's plenty of acrylic jewellery available. If in doubt, go back to your piercer and ask them to change it for you.

Next, my advice is to step up the warm, salt water washes to around four times a day. I found the most effective way of doing this was to put some sea salt in a cup and then fill it around a third of the way with boiling water. Let the water cool down to a temperature you can handle and then tip the cup against your belly button. Hold it there for around a minute so any crusties can soften and be easily cleaned away. When you take the cup away, use a clean cotton bud/q-tip to wipes away any 'gunk'. When you're done, let the area dry and get some tea tree oil on another cotton bud/q-tip and dab it around the edges of the piercing. Tea tree oil is excellent for killing any germs.

If you situation does get worse, go back to the person who carried out the piercing and see if they have any further advice.

Hopefully this helps.

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