What to wear at a rock festival? . ..any ideas


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Lupe Barrera Profile
Lupe Barrera answered
It depends:
If you're going into the mosh pit you definitely need to wear something you can dance around in, maybe faded jeans and a band tee of one of the bands that is playing.
If you're going to be screaming in the crowd you need to have something that shows, maybe wear leather (careful that it's not expensive because you'll probably ruin it from sweating) and cover yourself from head to toe with glitter and glow in the dark bracelet's, necklaces, and if you can find them, shades. With shoes if you're short and worried you'll miss out on anything and you can handle it you can wear goth platforms, but if you are worried you will fall, you can just wear a sweet pair of Converse, have fun and rock on dude!
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Maxine Chan answered
A rock tshirt of your favorite band and ripped jeans with converse or any black shoes is the basic rock uniform to wear at a rock concert.

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