Are girls with short hair attractive?


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She's gorgeous and her hair is short. That's my 'opinion'. What is seen as attractive depends on the person..

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The quick answer is yes of course!  I'm a guy and even though long, flowing hair is certainly very attractive to me, I've seen girls looking absolutely sexy with their hair cut into a really short pixie or boy cut.  Trust me when I say many guys are into it but may not always mention it. The most important thing is whether the girl really wants to do it.  Think about it for a while, do some research and talk to a good stylist.  If your hair is down to your back and you decide to get it cut very short, that's making a real big decision.  Feel confident it's what you really want instead of making a sudden impulse decision,  once the cutting starts it's too late to change your mind.  So, yes girls do look attractive with short hair just do it for the right reasons and feel good about making a brave move.

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Yes girls with short hair are attractive.

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