What Are Astringent Lotions?


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It is a kind of lotion that is mostly used by the people who have oily skin. The prime function of this lotion is open the pores of the skin that are closed by the oil secreting from the skin.

The prime ingredients that are used to make astringent lotion are alum, glycerine and water. But there are some other ways by which you can make astringent lotion at home itself.

Take two tablespoon of rosemary powder, two tablespoon of lemon peels, one table spoon of orange peels, half teaspoon of sodium benzoate, some brandy, thirty mint leaves and a cup of rose water. The first process you should follow is to soak mint leaves, lemon peels and orange peels in the boiling rose water for approximately one hour. And then mix all the remaining ingredients and make lotion. You can preserve the lotion for a long time by keeping them in a refrigerator.

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