What Does Astringent Do?


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An astringent is a substance that constricts the body tissues on which it is applied. Calamine lotion and Witch hazel are two example of astringent. Astringent has good shrinkage property due to which it is used to stop the discharge of mucous secretions and haemorrhaged tissues. Thus, it can be used to treat sore throats, diarrhoea, peptic ulcers and Haemorrhages. When astringent is applied externally, it coagulates the skin proteins and causes drying and hardening of that area. Thus, it protects the skin.

Acne is condition which gets worse with the application of astringent. The clogged pores get more clogged and hinder the healing process of the acne. But, astringents help remove the stretch marks, other scars, and also help in treating superficial cuts, insect bites, fungal infections and allergies. Examples of astringent are: alum, oatmeal, surgical alcohol, Burow's solution, tincture of Benzoin and tannic and gallic acids.
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It is a stronger version of a toner that is for oily skin. An astringent is what you use after you have cleaned your face with a face cleanser. It is necessary to use a toner/astringent after you wash your face to lower your pH after the cleanse. Follow with a face moisturizer.
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Improves skin

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