Why Do You Suppose My Aunt Use To Dress Me Up Like A Girl?


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This problem is not new. I have seen many people do that with their children or children of close relatives.

Your aunt probably dressed you up like a girl because she must have wanted you to be a girl. Some people both men and women have a liking towards a certain gender of children. Some are in love with girls and some want baby boys. So there are many people like your aunt, who have a deep desire to have a certain gender of children. Your aunt probably wanted a niece instead of a nephew. This desire was so strong that she saw you as a girl and dressed you up like a girl as well.
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But why would she feel the need do do that when i had two sisters, that she also cared for? Why me? Why not my brother, she never made him dress in any such manner?
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I know exactly why. Because she loved you and wanted to give you the nicest thing SHE could think of. She only did you because she loved you the most for some reason. She wanted you to have a beautiful experience and went thru great expense. You have to thank her for it and tell her that you real appreciate it. Maybe she will encourage you some more. For your part, consider it a gift that you will enjoy for ever.

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