How Do People In Poland Dress?


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The tradition changes as the time passes, however, the traditional costume of Poland are still worn by many people in wedding ceremonies and other social and family events. In the mountain region of Poland man usually wear a Gorale jacket which is made up of finest unbleached wool, along with distinctive needle hand work.

The trousers that should suit the jacket are also furnished with needle hand work with stripes running down on outer sides of each leg. The black hats with small conch shell bands are noticeable. Moccasin like shoes is the traditional shoes that are worn with this outfit. This shoe has long laces that should be tied around the bottom of the trouser. These fantastic jackets and vests of ladies are often passed on to the next generations.

Ladies vests are usually embroidered with silk. It is sometimes also dyed with beads, pearls and sequins. The red beads which are common to the outfit of ladies were Coral Traditionally.

There are around sixty unique outfits available in Poland depending up on the different regions.
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As other people in Europe, USA, Canada, etc. Young people wear jeans and other casual cloth.
You can look on Flickr for some pictures of poland people. Good luck

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