Has The Wind Ever Blown Up Your Skirt Or Dress?


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Yes, and it was really embarrassing.  My husband thought it was funny, but I wanted to die.  I was walking out of a supermarket and the wind hit me just right.  My skirt flew straight up!  I was able to push it down, but quite a lot of people saw me.
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Janine Weire
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Yes. I have made a comment with regards to a nearly identiclal question. Have we forgotten what being a girl is?
Amelie Lasner
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Does you reaction differ if you are wearing a short skirt as opposed to wearing to a longer skirt that you would not think would blow up?
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Damn ya!!
And it was more shitty as i was crossing the road and there were a lot of people around me.
And what's more weird than this is once while skipping i was wearing my Red Boyfriend Jeans( skin fit leather jeans) and all of a sudden i jumped up and they fell down and its darn difficult pulling them up i was in a public park so embarrassing!

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WOW Yes ! Me and My High School Friends Came To School On A Windy Day My Skirt Blew Up! So Cringy =)

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