My girlfriend wants to get a lip piercing but I really don't want her to, what do you recommend? How can i tell her? I told her once but she says nothing can stop her, but she says that... She usually changes her mind but she's pretty determined to g


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Hmm in a similar situation tbh I've wanted 2 pericing (collar bone and eye) which my boyfriend hated the idea of but trust me if she want's it done she'll get it done no matter what you say I know it sucks to here but when a girl puts her mind to something you can rarely ever stop them, however just remember lip piercing can be taken out, so let her get it done and if you really don't like it you could offer her a compromise such as to take it when you see her, not that you ashamed of her but looks more beautiful without it in. I guess what I'm trying to say is the best thing you can do is let her get it done but if you hate the idea and think that it would completely ruin her face so much so you couldn't kiss her or anyhting just get some pictures off the internet of ones which have been infected that might help. However if you'll love her and kiss her and think she's beautiful even if she does get it done let her go for it you may end up liking it, I'm sory if I've been no help but the peircing can be taken out
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I would advise thinking up a list of logical reasons why she shouldn't get her lip pierced - preferably, reasons that have some sort of appeal to her.

Then, tell her these reasons. Be careful in your word choice; you don't want to make her think that you are insulting her choices. Use a lot of 'I' statements.
Good luck. (:
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I'll love her no matter what but I think a lip piercing is gonna somehow get in the way of things and I don't think it'll suit her. She is perfectly beautiful already :) thanks though
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Just keep telling her. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but it's really not up to you. Good luck!

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