What Causes Blood Spots On The Skin?


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If you are worried about the cosmetic implications of blood spots on the skin, it’s worthwhile to remember that there are clinics that can provide treatment for you. In addition, by learning about the causes, you might be able to prevent these blemishes in the future. In short, blood spots are caused by unusual blood vessels that surface uncharacteristically close to the skin.

Unfortunately, the cause of blood spots is normally old age. As a person becomes older, they have a higher chance of developing this kind of problem. You may have heard people complain before about their Campbell de Morgan spots, and this is another commonly-used term to describe this condition.

There is also the issue of blood spots under the skin, which can be caused through several problems, including hereditary disorders and the medication you take every day. Old age is also a cause of blood spots underneath the skin, and this is because the process of aging results in the layers of skin that insulate us thinning. Because of this, even the most minor of accidents can result in these unsightly blotches appearing around the injured area.

As we mentioned earlier, there are treatments that can be used for this problem, such as the innovative Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, that’s offered by some clinics. According to experts, this treatment takes just a quarter of an hour. Once it has been successfully completed, the vessels which are causing blood spots on the skin will collapse and disappear. Patients who have had this treatment done say that although it is slightly uncomfortable, the discomfort is worthwhile for the end result.

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Blood spots are caused when blood vessels present under the skin erupt internally. It might be occur due to the intake of medications such as ASA or anticoagulants. The person having these spots suffer from either sepsis, some kind of cancer, liver disease, chronic inflammatory diseases or a clotting or bleeding disorder. It can also be caused by malnourishment.
If a person observes these blood spots on their face or body they should consult a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, immediately as it can be a symptom of the dangerous diseases I have mentioned.

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Omg! I take Coumadin everyday for a blood disease. My mom was right. The blood spots are just red freckles but can it also be body change? I only have them on my chest & boobs. That was very helpful, thank you.
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Hello my name is sharon Bonner I am 49years old I have been diagnose with a pituitary tumour. Could my blood spots that I have on my stomach have some thing to do with each other. I don't want to go to my GP because I'm not in any pain.
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Blood spots always appear on my body when I let substances enter my system that I shouldnt - namely things that arent meant for my genetic type - foods like wheat, caffeine, alcohol and  drugs of any kind - cigarettes also.

Ask yourself..." am I taking any poisons that I blatantly know of ?" if the answer is yes, don't go to the GP - sort your life out mate

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