What Causes Blood Spots Under The Skin?


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There are various reasons why blood spots will appear under the surface of the skin. Spots of blood can actually appear quite suddenly. The following is a list of common causes of blood spots under the skin.

•         There could be health problems affecting blood clotting. These could be haemophilia, certain types of cancer such as myeloma or leukaemia, cirrhosis, lupus or other blood disorders.

•         An infection could lead to an accumulation of certain toxic substances within the tissue or blood.

•         Swelling of blood vessels.

•         Hereditary reasons could play a part in blood spots under the skin.

•         When someone ages, fat layers underneath the skin will become thin. Consequently, the skin’s padding effect will deteriorate. Even a small injury to the skin could lead to the blood vessels breaking.

•         Medicines like anticoagulants and aspirin could cause thinning of the blood.

•         Malnutrition that is caused by a folic acid and vitamin C, B12 or K deficiency could cause blood spots to appear.

Blood spots can appear anywhere on the body. Elderly people will get blood spots in areas like the feet, legs, hands or forearms. Women will often get them on the buttocks, arms and thighs. Some people will just be more prone to blood clots and bruises underneath the skin. A man will not get a blood spot as easily as a woman. This doesn’t mean a woman has a major health problem. If the leg is bruised, it will take longer for a blood spot to disappear compared to the arms or the face. The blood spots will tend to shift lower on the body because of gravity.

Blood spots can usually cure themselves on their own without any treatment. Home treatments can help to accelerate the process of healing, with rest being extremely important. Intermittent ice packs can soothe swelling and pain. Avoid having too hot a bath as the heat will promote swelling.
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This is usually caused by a small injury, like pinched skin and there is bleeding. Because the skin has not broken, it with so be released and cause a blood spot, where the vein broke and will harden.  It takes time, but the system will clear it up in time
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Out of no where there are tiny little red spots on the side of my grandpas face like a lil cluster and he says he was hit but there are no bruise it wasnt there in the morning but thst evening they were there could it be true he was hit?
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There could be several reasons, I had an infection in my blood that caused my veins to burst and bruise. I had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. I think you might want to go and see your doctor about this. Hope this helps.
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Have   a few small sized blood spots on my body can this be treated will they disappear?

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