What Is The Best Thing To Use On The Face To Stop Bumps? I Want A Smooth Clear Face........


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What I do and it seems to work for me is to use a buff puff every night with a mild cleanser, like neutrogena so your face won't dry out. Then use an astringent after you buff. Don't use buff puff in the morning, it might irritate your skin, but use the astringent. I hope this works for you.
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Ok so this is what I usually do. I use baking soda on my face it makes it really soft and then I use a moisturizer. I put benz oyle peroxide on my pimples, zits, and or whiteheads. I use hot tea bags and hold them on my blemishes to really open my pores. Then if the swelling doesnt go down, then I take ice in a bag, and to do this properly visit this website for the ice:www.getridofthings.com . But I don't recomend doing ALL this at once or in one day. You may over medicate your face. Try not to dry out your face because then your skin produces more oil, causing break outs.  I also hear that yogurt masks work well. If you visit youtube, type in the search box benz yogurt mask. This will bring you to someone who is skilled and knows what theyre talking about. They mix all different things for a yogurt mask. I myself havnt tried this, but I'm guessing from all the nutrition and protein from the natural ingridients this will work perfectly. Toothpaste works well too, and olive oil. My sources are myself. I have suffered from acne between my eyebrows for quite a while. Youtube helped me a lot. I did so much reaserch and I really hoped I helped.  I also get acne on my face like a regular person. Don't worry, your normal, and not alone. I still have blemishes and try my best to get my face clean and soft. Hope I helped! (= have fun trying all these things!
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It's better to consult a dermatologist or you can massage your face with olive oil regualrly.

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See a dermatologist about getting a prescription for Accutane.
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You should use scrub but wash your face and try keeping it grease less first aprocot is a good scrub

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