How To Make Medieval Clothes?


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In order to make medieval clothes the kind of material required is Burnet, Perse, Lincoln Scarlet, Kersey, Russet, Chalons, Damask, and sandal.

However, during the medieval period there existed a lot of classes among people. You had the king at the top of the pyramid. Their clothing would include anything that is brightly colored silk. Then was the class of feudal lords, clerics and other vassals. They generally wore borealis hats, woolen coats with fur-trimmed sleeves and inside the coat was a woolen doublet. Felt hats with stirrups and brown jackets are what the manor lords usually wore. And then was the last class which was at the bottom of the pyramid. This class was the class of the peasants. They usually wore straw hats that they made themselves, linen shirts that they made themselves, leather flasks, hoses (pants), and pewter badges or good luck charms.

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