What's In Fashion In The UK At The Moment?


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Fashion in the UK is an unpredictable beast.

I know it's a bit of a fashionista cliché, but it does seem that one minute something will be 'in', only for it to be labelled 'SO last season' the next.

The 'vintage' look has been rumbling on for a number of years now (British fashion has been going through something of a 'reminiscence' period since the financial recession first hit its shores).

Music-influenced fashion is probably more relevant than ever - but to figure out exactly what's going on in UK fashion, it really depends what scene you are into.

I don't think there's ever been such wide divides between high-end fashion, trendsetting students, highstreet labels and fashion-conscious teens.

Fashion in the UK today

Finding out what's cool in UK fashion really depends what circles you are interested in.

Shops like Topshop and Urban Outfitters are often good barometers of what's considered 'hip', whilst anything that Alexa Chung wears should be considered noteworthy.

As far as celeb fashion goes, I'd have to say that it has become slightly less relevant.

Celebs who attract media attention these days are probably better known for their drunken antics (rather than their tawdry dress sense).

Having said that, the wardrobes of people like Kate Moss and Kate Middleton (or basically any Kate M) are hot property right now.
Emma Watson (who you may know as Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise) is another trendy celeb, especially since her association with design house Burberry.

The design house is currently using her image to bring back the most British thing in the wardrobe: The raincoat.

What's hot in British fashion?

The big name UK fashion designers are still relevant, and these include stalwarts like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Paul Smith.

New designers to keep an eye out for include Peter Pilotto and Henry Holland (pardon the alliteration).

London Fashion Week is also a stage for emerging trends, and hanging outside Central Saint Martins or London School of Fashion will give you some insight into the trendiest young designers about.

The hipsters of Hoxton in East London are also known for their indie-inspired fashion sense,

In my opinion, music is having more of an influence of fashion that ever before, and Jessie J is relevant in this context.

Hip-hop and R&B are musical genres that are having an increasing influence of British fashion. This has made style icons out of artists like Usher and Rihanna.
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Winter fashion is about high collared and bright colored sweaters with Cashmere or woolen stoles. Wear that underneath a fur trench coat with the now infamous Ugg boots.

If you don't want to step out wearing the regular 'pantaloon' you can opt for the short knee length dress and couple with a swanky pair of leggings.

For the festive season, on the other hand, it's all about fancy dresses and boots for the ladies. These need to be the well tailored sleek dresses that you can couple with a fancy stole and bright lipstick.

The more basic colors such as the crèmes, the browns and the beiges are said to be in for the season. Make sure that you accessorise this with the perfect clutch.

For the gents it is the classy black suits or tuxedos.
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It's sort of vintage fashion at the moment.
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Dirty Harry jackets and jumpers and skinny jeans with checkered shirts and nike 6.0 s

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