What Type Of Clothes Do People That Live In The Temperate Grasslands Wear?


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Traditionally people who live in temperate grasslands often wear clothing made out of natural fibres. 

However, as temperate grasslands can vary in nature and  are spread out across the globe, cultural and environmental differences can also influence the clothing worn in temperate grasslands.

Common characteristics of temperate grassland clothing

  • Natural fibres such as cotton and hemp are commonly used in temperate grasslands, as they are cool in the summer
  • Wool is also used for the cool nights and winter
  • Animal hide obtained from the surrounding area is much utilized in the winter. Leather is often much used as it is durable, and as a by-product of food there is often easy access to it
  • Many people who live in temperate grasslands have a strong connection to nature, and as such, will use things like feathers of bones to adorn their clothing, often as a symbolic gesture. They often also do this in the interest of resourcefulness
  • Bright dyes are often made out of plants and earth
  • Due to globalisation, many people in temperate grasslands can now be seen sporting clothes which wouldn't look too out of place on the high street!

If you're visiting a temperate grassland, it is advised that you wear sturdy boots or shoes. In the summer you can wear light clothing during the day, but the nights can be very cool so it's important you also have a thick outer layer.

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