Can Small Acne Like Bumps On My Legs Be A Sign Of HIV?


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I use to get that all the time. From shaving / wearing jeans or panty hose. Are they mostly on your thighs? If so, most likely irritation. I haven/t shaved my thighs in years, hair is usually fine  (thin) anyhow
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It's scary you need to ask such a question .If you have had unprotected sex you need to have an aids test .If you are afraid to tell anyone you can buy a kit at rite aid or any drug store and send it off .But the good news is no AIDs does not have the symptoms you are speaking of, sounds like razor burn or ingrown hair folicles which can be treated with an otc antibiotic or sometimes antifugal .If the area is shinny usally means fungal infection but the bumps sound like a rash .Staph infections are common but some are antibiotic resistant which are more commonly called mrsa infections ,don't panic just try neosporin or bactracin if not allergic to these .If  If you don't have a fever or swelling you are ok and will most likely clear up on it's own.If the area in which you speak is in the groin and prone to warmth and moisture it  maybe yeast infection nystatin will do the trick .Or any antifungal but if very large bump with pain and no opening maybe a boil .If this is the cause warm soaks to promote opening it up and then apply otc antibiotic .if you experience a fever or vomiting need to go to the ER for further eval. If after shaving you get them try shaving only in the direction of the hair and buy bikni zone really works to stop razor burn .Also don't use a dull razor .Make sure it's a fresh blade
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You have folitiis (spelling may be incorrect). Happens when you get sweaty, the pores build up etc. Use a loofa sponge on them.

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