What Causes Red Pimple Bumps On Chest, Thighs, Buttocks, And Legs?


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I also get a red rash on my chest whenever I go in shower even when I'm not facing it but I am a teenager so I don't know if hormones has anything to do with it and it might just go away?  But I still want it to go because it can be slightly itchy!
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All skin diseases can not be treated by telling symptoms. The skin diseases require clinical examination and some time laboratory tests. I advise you to visit a dermatologist to get appropriate treatment. It can be fungal or bacterial infection or contact allergy. Go for wood light test for diagnosis.
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Air out yer chesty. Probably due to moisture buildup (Sweat if you are maybe a little rolly polly there...I bet they itch too you always stand facing the hot water in your shower right on that area? Remember we have probably more 'stuff' in our water supply than we used to like all kinds of meds and crap...I get the same chest rash but when I don't sit with the shower running right into my chest or I get that same rash thing all over again. I don't want o sound like an alarmist or anything and I always recommend a doc but my  guess which is only a guess is that you face the hot water in your shower everytime you take a shower and now you get bumps there...just like me. Don't spray any body stuff on you either because you have sensitive skin and that stuff aggravates it more.
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The causes could be several: You may be allergic to the laundry detergent used in your clothing; your skin may be ultra-sensitive to certain types of material that chafe the skin; you could be allergic to a medication you have taken; you might be allergic to something outside (grass, plants, flowers, etc.). If it is none of those irritants, you should see a dermatologist.
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You may have come in contact with some type of poison ivy or heat rash. To get quick relieve, make an ice pack and apply the cold. It will cool the site and pull some of the heat from the area which will cause it to stop the itch.

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