What Should One Wear In Las Vegas?


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Well from a fashion point of view Las Vegas is one of the most informal places that one could go to one can wear everything that one would generally wear on any weekend trip. Also the dress codes that are to be observed are the same that one observes in other places like formal attire for business purposes or when going for dinner in a high end establishment most clubs too would insist on a certain dress code to be followed. Otherwise one can easily stroll around in T shirts and shorts or jeans without any inhibitions whether one wants to visit any casino or take a stroll on the Vegas Strip.

From a weather point of view one would have to be more careful as it can get pretty warm and equally cold in Las Vegas. If one is visiting in the months from May to September one would require among the usual summer clothes like shorts and tank tops or T shirts, a wide hat, a bathing suit, sunscreen in the daytime and of course plenty of water. In the winter a jacket or a sweater and jeans would be the ideal outfit as it could get surprisingly chilly over here especially in the months from November to March.
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Wear something that shows your personality and will keep you cool......it gets kind of hot there.
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We can wear the clothes we like, but it's very hot in the summer, so it 's better wearing light ones, and it's cold in the winter too, especially at night, so it depends on the season .

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Lightweight casual clothes in the daytime (its very hot in the summer). At night anything that you would normally wear to a club,restuarant or casino. It is still warm at night but not as bad as daytime.

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