If I Get A Tattoo Under My Breasts Will It Be A Problem If I Ever Get Breast Augmentation In The Future?


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I have a tattoo on my breast and being pregnant didn't effect it. If you get the tattoo under your breast pregnancy may have more of an impact then having a lift later on will.  when your pregnant  your whole abdomen stretches and your breast will become engorged stretching the sink there too. If you are going to get a tattoo in that area you should be sure it simple and not to detailed it will save the tattoo later.
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Women go for uplift surgery of breast after pregnancy and feeding. As your tattoo is under the breast not on the breast, you can have breast uplift surgery if there is no infection in the tattoo. You can also remove tattoo by laser before surgery. But breast implants for cosmetic reasons is suggested by the cosmetic surgeon. You can not decide yourself. The surgeon will examine your breast and your health conditions and then he will decide that whether you van have breast implant or not. For more details, visit breast implants.

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