Should I get a tattoo on my forearm? How would it affect my future in the workforce? Would wearing a tat jacket be good enough? I would prefer answers from tattoo lovers please. Thank you


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I have two on my forearm but they aren't real big and I've never been asked about them for employment. Depending on what you're thinking of getting, I would get it on your upper part of your arm near your shoulder where a t-shirt would easily cover most of it up.

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hunter dude
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Thats pretty cool, is that yours? Btw, I already have a tattoo on both my upper arms lol. I really one on my forearm though, do you think a tat jacket would keep me "safe"?
Rooster Cogburn
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No, that's not mine. I got most of mine when I was in the military and they aren't too PC nowadays but I don't care.
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I have three tattoos and I'm a nurse. Two of them you can't see and one is on my inner wrist. I would recommend getting your tattoo somewhere that you can hide it if need be. After you are established in your job, it probably won't matter.

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It depends on what career you want.

Most professional careers will require you to cover it.  Seems the stigma is still attached to tattoos, and people don't trust (as much) bankers / lawyers / doctors / accountants / etc ... If they have visible tattoos.

On the other hand ... it's almost expected for mechanics to have tattoos.

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If you are considering ever to go into the military, the forearm will nix that. Tattoos have to be someplace you cannot see in uniform, and since some uniforms are short sleeved, a forearm tattoo would keep you out. If you are thinking you have seen soldiers. Sailors, etc with tattoos, this is a new rule as of last year. So no new recruits can have visible ones.

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Think about in several years time (I'm not sure how old you are), when you're old and grey, what it will look like then.  If I had to get one, it would be a small one that I could cover up easily.  Personally, I prefer to stay natural, but I don't judge if people choose to get a tattoo any more than I judge gay people (not at all).

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Remember, if things get really tough in the future and you start to regret it, you can always clean it up. I mean, you can completely remove it with new laser treatments.

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