After Lipo, How Many Pounds Of Fat Are In 1 Liter Of Fat Removed?


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The generally accepted view within the community of liposuction practitioners is that the removal of one liter of fat cells from the body, means that around one kilogram, or 2.2lbs of fat is removed per liter. Therefore, if you have had three liters of fat removed from the body as part of a liposuction procedure, then you should have lost around 6.6lbs, or 3kg of body fat.

  • Fat loss varies
It is important to note however that these are general guidelines and the actual amount of fat lost for each individual will be slightly different. This is because the procedure also removes a lot of fluid from the body along with fat cells. What the fluid to fat cell ratio is for each patient undergoing a liposuction procedure will vary slightly depending on their body composition, where the procedure is being performed on the body and the size and number of fat cells removed during the procedure.

  • Safety considerations
It is important to note that although a common form of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is not a routine operation and although practice has improved considerably since the early days of surgery, when post-operative problems were common and even death not uncommon from the procedure, it is still an operation that should only be considered as a last resort for otherwise healthy, fit people.

Safety guidelines also suggest that no more than 5 liters of fat cells combined with fluid should be removed from any person during one operation. Nor should any other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, be performed alongside liposuction surgery due to the high instance of complications following such surgery in the past.

Good quality liposuction will remove just the right amount of fat from the chosen area, but will also cause the least amount of disturbance to neighboring tissue and blood vessels. It should also ensure that a person remains hydrated with sufficient fluids in their body to function normally after the surgery and the patient should not endure undue discomfort.
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1 litre equals to approximately 1kilogram. 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds.
So if you removed 3 litres fats from your body, then it means that you got rid of 6.6lb of fat, or 3 kilograms of fat.
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I have been told that 2 litres of fat will be removed from my hips ,what does look like or how many ponds is that
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