Where Are Ripple Sole Shoes?


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Ripple sole shoes are any shoes, boots or sandals that have a ripple sole. The ripple sole is characterised by its lines of triangular jagged rubber, or whatever that particular sole is made of, running horizontally along the sole of the shoe. Ripple soles are good for gripping on slippery surfaces and are very durable. They are often used by the army or on sturdy work boots because they provide superior grip on surfaces. 
They are often used in the jungle or muddy places as well because the design of the sole means that it is very difficult for mud to get lodged in the dents of the sole. This means that ripple sole shoes should maintain grip where other soles won’t. They last a very long time due to the thickness of the rubber required to make them. They are very chunky to aid balance and wide to aid grip as much as possible.
If you are looking to buy some ripple soles, there are many outlets on the internet, including endclothing.co.uk and if you are looking for some that are cheaper, there are quite a few pairs on eBay in varying designs, sizes and colours, including black, beige and tan. You are most likely to find ripple soles on boots and shoes because they are too chunky for slighter footwear.
The ripple sole was invented by Nathan Hack in 1955. Investors in the sole include Reebok and Columbia trading company, both huge players in the shoe and boot retail industry. If you type "ripple sole” in to Google you can see pictures of ripple soled shoes. They are quite hard to describe without looking at a picture of them.
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If you'd like to see some pictures of these shoes, just click here. There are also some companies that sell them, including the Hong Kong Trading Company, but you will get a wider selection if you just put "ripple sole shoes" in your search engine and see what comes up.
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I wonder too. Can't find anywhere.
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I have no idea but it sounds intriguing! Ripple shoes.... hmmm. reminds me of something funky like outdoor footwear or shoes with some sort of weird groove pattern for trekking. Could I be right?

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Depends in what state you live in. Try wear n gear, dick's, sports authority. Places usually where there are are mountains and hunting.
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Rossi Boots have been making the original Ripple since 1950.
A black suede desert boot design with a ripple sole.

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