I Have A Skin Rash Around My Breasts. Its Reddish And Flaky Skin. It Seems To Be Spreading What Is It And What Can I Do To Stop It?


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Possibly heat rash?  When you shower use an exfoliant such as almond oil and sea salt and wash the infected area with that concoction for approx. 1 week.  If it itches use a cortisone cream. If still a problem after trying this for ten days seek a doctor's opinion.  Good luck!
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There are so many different things that could be the cause... Fungal, bacterial, allergic reaction... Etc.... but regardless of whatever is causing it, the longer it goes on, the greater the chance of permanent skin damage. So, if you've had it for a month, and it seems to be spreading... It's time to see a dermatologist.
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Are you pregnant cause that happens a lot do to pregnancy.And if not maybe you are allergic to something in your bra.Put diaper rash the zinc in it should get rid of it quickly.
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Its possibility dermatitis if your run down or changed your diet this can trigger it go to your gp he will prescribe something for you to clear it up

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